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Sebben Crudele
January 30 - March 21 2020

Queer Thoughts, New York




For the love of (2020). Soap, wax, crucifix, silicone.

Forward Hand Crack (2020). Soap, whip, rubber, metal brackets, mantel, chain

Closer II (2020). Mirror, soap.

Untitled (2020). China cabinet wood, soap.

King Dogs Never Grow Old

Curated by Brooke Wise

Diane Rosenstein Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

 The Closer, 2019. Soap, wax, taxidermy sparrow, framed mirror.

 Pierce II, 2019. African soap, honey soap, beeswax, resin.

Bred to Death

Curated by Lukas Hall

300 Mission, Los Angeles, CA

Wise, 2019. Soap, whip.

Medusa, 2018. Soap, Carousel horse, rubber, rhinestones.

Fun Hang

Curated by Jools Braiman Rothblatt

Karma International, Los Angeles, CA

Reflex, 2019. Resin, drink stirrers, light box.

Wound, 2019. Sand, traxtone.

Lucid, 2019. Soap, moth.

Lying is the most fun

Solo Exhibition

Interface Gallery, Oakland, CA